Toespraak van Esther Mwaka

To Dad Cees & Mom Mieke



A period of 15 years is such a long time to be besides someone you not blood related with.

It’s not everyday that someone special comes into your life and brings so much greatness and joy.

The support you guys have shown me and my family is immense and I doubt there’s anything in the world would pay for that.


Am glad that day come when I was exactly 4 years till now am about to turn 20. It’s been such a long journey and I am glad that we traded this path together as a team.

It’s not been easy on my side to keep up with the kind of commitment that you shaved me throughout this time.

I remember when growing up I always believed that you guys were part of my family because of the closeness we had.

If my late dad was to be here then he would have given the particulates on how you guys met.I am so blank about it but am glad it came at a time when my family was at a stand still and couldn’t afford to buy me schooluniforms leave alone pay schoolfees.

You’ve taken care of my everything since then and have never left my side,

I hope you are not planning to anytime soon.

Your support has been the trademark of my education.

Gives me fine feeling that through my dad, you guys have widen your wings to try and sponsor other kids from my community.


You guys have brought joy to many families and I hope your good heart is rewarded for.

Through you I can dream big, and soon I hope to become a computer wizard and further my studies through higher levels.

I just want to say I couldn’t do everything without you guys and still can’t.

Ever since I realised the kind of commitment you guys had, I’ve always kept my focus in check and put hard work in everything I do.

I have never looked to fail you. I will always do everything in my power to make you proud and show that your support doesn’t go in vain.

My wish is that sometimes the world actually recognises that there is an organisation that has helped so many helpless kids and will keep supporting more and more.

My first accolade I give to you, just to show how greatful I am for the kind of love you’ve shown us through this time.


You’ve never had ulterior motives with us, that’s why you are the main reason we are here today.

And to Mom Mieke, thank you for seeing the need to come and celebrate your 60th birthday with us, indeed it was thoughtful of you.

My only wish is that God adds on to what you have done and that you don’t run out of support.

I hope He keeps blessing you in abundant.

And Dad Cees, your strictness does not allow for any of us to fail in everything we do.

I celebrate you for checking on us from time to time just to keep up with our progress.

Thank you all!

By; Esther Mwaka


Op 22 februari 2020 voorgedragen door Esther tijdens een feestelijke bijeenkomst met alle kinderen en hun ouders uit het kinderproject, vlak nadat ze haar middelbare school met mooie cijfers had afgerond. 

Esther start in januari 2021 op de Kenya Highland University in Kericho met de 4 jarige studie: Records Management and Information Technology